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All of these refrigerants work in the same general way. When a liquid refrigerant is heated absorbs heat, it boils and turns into gas. For both students and professionals, this book presents the science behind the operation of refrigeration systems as a method for building solid analytical skills, which will set the studenttechnician apart when it comes to understanding and troubleshooting system. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It is provided in the solicitation in lieu of a written statement of work sow or performance work statement pws. Dossat principles of refrigeration john wiley 1961 acrobat 7 pdf 35. Standards of performance are those expected by local businesses and industries for job success. Heat is added to the liquid which in this case is water causing its temperature to rise. Industrial refrigeration best practices guide 5 chapter 2. Refrigeration principles pdf refrigeration industrytrade e. Fundamentals of mechanical refrigeration systems course content introduction mechanical refrigeration is a thermodynamic process of removing heat from a lower temperature heat source or substance and transferring it to a higher temperature heat sink.

Because all too often, the emphasis seems to be on process and not people. Evaporator operating principles surface analysis facility. Refrigeration and air conditioning training course principles of refrigeration 32 hours, 32 nate cehs, 3. Refrigeration principles, practices, and performance.

Icmms mining principles define good practice environmental, social and. Temperature is an indication of the level of heat energy but not of total amount of heat or amount of material that might be present. Optimal operation of an ammonia refrigeration cycle. The science behind refrigeration berg chilling systems inc. The close systems are consists of the following components.

Successful organizations have leaders who set high standards and goals across the entire spectrum, such as strategies, market leadership, plans, meetings and. Principles of refrigeration provides comprehensive coverage of refrigeration theory, components, and systems analysis and design. Leading from the vision for learning, the practice principles outlined in this. Performance reporting principles auditor general of british. The science behind the operation of systemsbuilds solid analytical skills raises students above their peers when it comes to determining the cause of system malfunctions, inefficiencies, and in selecting the best component to modify a system or replace a failed part. Ueeneej069b plan refrigeration and air conditioning projects. Selecting and best service practices for air conditioning. The goals and performance standards they establish.

The course package can be subscribed to individually or as a part of the fundamentals elibrary. Here are our 15 principles of performance management in a minute. Articulated, performancebased instruction guides are developed based upon tasks objectives important to the success of entry level workers. Each course includes interactive activities, knowledge checks, and an exam. However, the material covered and the method of presentation are such that the text is also suitable for adult evening classes and for onthejob training and selfinstruction. The danfoss product range for the refrigeration and air. Evaporation 803 heat transferred during this period is the product of the heat transferred per cycle and the number of cycles in the period or. Plan refrigeration and air conditioning projects as described in 8 and including. Office of education division of visual aids principles of refrigeration ava12779vnb1 the principles of refrigeration explained. Edwards auto 306 cryo evaporator technical specification this evaporator is configured for evaporation of chromium from a rod source and gold from a boat. The working principles of refrigeration cycle the basic principles of refrigeration explain refrigeration cycle determine the state and conditions of refrigerant at various points in the system lecturedemonstrati on 16. Heat reclaim, heat recovery or energy conservation occurs when the heat is sent to an area where it is needed or desired. Manitoba will continue to develop its performance reporting to reflect best practices as the government works to improve accountability and its performance. When a gas refrigerant vapor is cooled, it condenses into a liquid and releases heat.

Course contents evaporative coolers, often called swamp coolers, are cooling systems that use only water and a blower to circulate air. Any components beyond these basic 4 are called accessories. Distribution systems which represents the pipingd an fitting of the piping systems. It is an ebook for people who are involved in training and. An ideal reference for readers with a limited amount of experience in the field, this informative text offers users a thorough introduction to the basics of refrigeration and hvac, and then quickly. Topics include refrigeration tools, piping practices, service valves, leak testing, refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclamation, evacuation. Thorough coverage for domestic, commercial, marine, or industrial applications is included so knowledge is transferable to a variety of fields within the industry. If you want, you can add the program shortcut in startup folder to run it at system startup. It also has a plasmaglo accessory installed for cleaning substrates such as glass with an oxygen plasma prior to deposition and a radiant heater to enable the substrate temperature to. Usually, the heat is simply dumped into the outdoor air or down the drain where it is not objectionable.

We aspire to have the following principles guide our evaluation practice. Density and specific gravity of some common substances. When warm, dry unsaturated air is pulled through a watersoaked pad, water is evaporated and is absorbed as water vapor into the air. There are many things said about performance management, much of it uncomplimentary. It includes complete and uptodate overview of gas conditioning and processing technology and provides a clear understanding of the equipment and processes used in common. Designed to provide a basic, straightforward overview of the concepts and principles of hvac and refrigeration, this book is ideal for readers with a limited amount of experience in the field. Heat pumps typically have a cop of around 3 which indicates that 33% of the gained heat is addet as work eg. The compressor is a vapor compression pump which uses pistons or some other method to compress the refrigerant gas and send it on its way to the condenser. Download a pdf version of our introduction to icmms mining principles powerpoint. This book provides a detailed, applicationsoriented tre. Refrigeration and air conditioning training course.

The impact of quality management principles on business performance. There are 4 main components in a mechanical refrigeration system. Ueeneej069b plan refrigeration and air conditioning projects date this document was generated. This book has been written especially for use in programs where a full curriculum in refrigeration is offered. Refrigeration fundamentals heatcraft worldwide refrigeration. This course will provide the sales person, technician or engineer with a strong foundation and a thorough understanding of the refrigeration circuit, the heart of the hvac system. Basic refrigeration begins with an introduction to the basics of refrigeration and hvac, and then quickly progresses into specific equipment components. Quizlet is a lightning fast way to learn vocabulary. Public procurement practice performance based contracting statement of objectives soo4 the soo is a concise and brief document e. Refrigeration fundamentals 2175 west park place blvd. Where solids or liquids are concerned water is used as a basis for specific gravity calculations, and air or hydrogen is used as a standard for gases. Proper refrigeration piping installation practices for hvacr. And the process can be more about paper work, formfilling and ticking boxes, rather than real performance. In practice, the refrigeration process must transfer heat from one body to another body.

Apply sustainable energy principles and practices as. Welcome to the manual for refrigeration servicing technicians. National training on good practices in refrigeration foreword the montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer has been ratified by 175 countries worldwide. Selecting and best service practices for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment using nextgeneration refrigerants for energy efficiency and climate protection was a oneday workshop that brought together indias business, government, air conditioning trade association, and civil society leaders to share the. Incorporating robust sitelevel validation of performance expectations and. We introduce four interrelated concepts that contribu te to good business decisions.

Fundamentals of refrigeration evaporation the picture on fig. Work with human resources to refine job descriptions and performance. A simplified presentation of the fundamentals of refrigeration. Practice principles for excellence in teaching and learning. In the past, this was done by collecting ice in the winter and using its specific heat to cool as the ice melted. As the first international environmental agreement based on precautionary principles, it has entered into history as a pioneering example of international. Quick, accurate flaring equipped with highperformance, large capacity lithium battery, adjustable speed control and quickconnect, it makes flaring easy and enjoyable, while guaranteeing accurate and consistent flaring. Public procurement practice performance based contracting. On commercial projects, a skilled electrician handles the electrical hookups, a controls technician handles the control wiring, and a pipe fitter handles the pipework, including the. The course will give an introduction to the refrigeration cycle, heat transfer theory, temperaturepressure relationship, refrigerant handling, refrigeration components, and safety. For food processing and storage, ammonia is the most efficient refrigerant.

Best practices overview chapter 2 best practices overview the scope of refrigeration best practices this chapter addresses best practices for energy efficiency from a management level. The criteria were developed to help organizations better understand and. When 1 pound of ice melts, it absorbs 144 btu, as latent energy. The specific gravity of any substance is the ratio of weight of a given volume of the substance to the weight of the same volume of a given substance. Reprints no comments if you are like most of us in the hvac industry, you are a handson person you dont want to mess with a lot of theory, but just get in and get the job done. Quality management, performance measures indicators, principles, practices and modelling. Principles of refrigeration principles of refrigeration course description. Load unite which represents the terminal unite as cooling or heating coils or radiators 2. Source unite which represent the chiller in cooling system or the boiler and furnace in heating systems. Refrigeration principles, practices and performance begins with an introduction to the basics of refrigeration and hvac, and then quickly progresses into specific equipment components, eliminating overly technical and lengthy information that is found in many traditional industry books. This course introduces the student to basic refrigeration system principles and practices, and the major component parts of the refrigeration system. Proper refrigeration piping installation practices installing a new air conditioning and heating system requires skill and knowledge of proper procedures in electrical wiring, controls wiring, and pipework. Designing a high reliability process chiller requires an in depth understanding of chiller system dynamics and associated components, their limitations in specific cooling applications, and how they affect overall chiller performance.

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