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Electric potential is more commonly known as voltage and for uniform fields. Control engineering force voltage analogy slideshare. If we draw an analogy to a waterfall, the voltage would represent the height of the waterfall. Analogies between mechanical systems and electrical and fluid systems, however. A study on latvian teachers views and experience article pdf available in journal of teacher education for sustainability 172 november 2015 with 1,460.

Having a change in voltage makes a possibility of a force, but that is a different thing from the voltage itself. Using the force voltage analogy learned in the class, obtain a mechanical system analogous to the electrical system shown below you may use mechanical elements, such as mass m, damper b, spring k, for the answer. In the impedance analogy, instead of force, torque is made analogous to voltage. Electricity and the waterfall analogy chemistry libretexts. For free materials of different engineering subjects use my android application named engineering funda with following link. I appreciate that the water analogy and others have helped some people.

Control system this video tutorial is meant to provide the readers the know how to analyze the control systems with the help of mathematical models. Explain the steps you use to find your electrical system. Mechanicalacoustical systems having the same analogy and the analogous circuit using the pressure voltage and force voltage analogies. The verbal analogy portion of the afoqt measures your ability to determine relationships between words no surprises here. This can be seen by the analogies between energy in a capacitor and energy in a mass, and the analogy between electrical ground unchangeable voltage0 and mechanical ground immoveable position. In order to understand this type of analogy, let us consider a circuit which consists of series combination of resistor, inductor and capacitor. Looking at our beer mug analogy above, power factor would be the ratio of beer kw to beer plus foam kva. When we indicate a voltage v input to a circuit, this is to be considered a voltage source unless.

Resistance r spring constant k elastance 1c external force ft electromotive force. Current in an inductor is just like velocity of a massboth keep going in the absence of any voltage or force, respectively. While studying control theory, i came across the following two phrases. One deficiency in this analogy is that it only works easily for capacitors that are grounded. Find the analogous electrical system using the forcevoltage analogy.

In other words the definition of control system can. However, it is more common to see equivalent networks represented using the direct analogy, mostly to avoid mixing the two analogies when coupling it to an. The garden variety he he has significant pressure voltage and moderate volume amperage capacity and works well in the yard. On electrical analogues of mechanical systems and their using in. Voltage is represented in equations and schematics by the letter v. For free materials of different engineering subjects use my android application named engin. Q i t 1c 1 a 1 s one ampere a is charge flowing at the rate of one coulomb per second.

Analogous systems force voltage and force current analogy problem 2 mathematical modelling duration. What is the best analogy to explain current and voltage to. Please solve this problem fully using force voltage analogy. In this video, i have explained example of force voltage analogy. Capacitor water pipe analogy ii if the rubber diaphragm is made very soft, it will stretch out and hold a lot of water but will break easily large capacitance but low working voltage. The teaching of electricity probably leads to more misconceptions than any other topic in science. The output is a motion x which is a function of time xt. The wellknown electromechanical analogy that equates current, voltage, resistance, inductance and capacitance to force, velocity, damping, spring cons tant and mass has a shortcoming in that mass can only be used to simulate. The emphasis on formulas and numeric problem solving fails to give the conceptual insights that should be the focus when teaching this topic. We can also use the multimeter to measure the voltage across two points in a circuit. Jan 27, 2014 a simple analogy would be to compare a garden hose to a fire hose. Analogous electrical and mechanical systems swarthmore college.

Mechanical quantity symbol electrical quantity symbol mass m inductance l. An equivalent water pump has to deliver constant pressure, regardless of the water flow. Jan 19, 2018 for the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. For instance force velocity is mechanical impedance. In the impedance analogy, the ratio of the power conjugate variables is always a quantity analogous to electrical impedance. V is the symbol for electric voltage potential difference or e. The mountain analogy in this article will help you to understand these properties. This analogical relationship can be established in two ways as follows 1. Current and resistance a powerpoint presentation by paul e. A fire hose, hooked directly to a hydrant has lots.

For example a battery can be thought of as a voltage source in series with a small resistor the \internal resistance of the battery. Examples are included to show the analogies at a level that should be easily understood by an electrical engineer. For example, when the dial is turned fully to the left, there is minimal. In some ways, you can think of this as the amount of push the electrons are making to try to get towards a positive charge. Force current and force voltag analogy cr4 discussion thread. Drive to new york city currentspeed50 mph car battery volts traffic this traffic takes an hour and a half to get by. If the rubber diaphragm is made very stiff, it will not stretch far but withstand higher pressure low capacitance but high working voltage. A magnetic field embodies a relation between flux density, b, and magnetic field strength or intensity h. In this analogy, charge is represented by the water amount, voltage is represented by the waterpressure, and current is represented by the water flow. Coefficient of friction b is analogous to resistance r and. At a given temperature, the relationshipbetween the voltage difference v. Friday 9 the electromechanical analogy analogies occur throughout physics.

Class notes chapter 6 magnetic circuit analog to electric circuits. Frvso university of michigan by considering each mass in a linear mechanical system as having two terminals, one fixed in the mass and one fixed to the frame of reference, every linear mechanical system is reduced to a multiplicity of closed mechanical circuits to which. This analogy was so strong that it was very hard to understand ac. When describing voltage, current, and resistance, a common analogy is a water tank. A simple example is illustrated by the speed control of an automobile as shown in figure 12. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Electromotive force emf, denoted and measured in volts, is the electrical action produced by a nonelectrical source. In part 2 of this report, we look at how voltage and pressure are similar, but not identical forces for. In force voltage analogy, the mathematical equations of translational mechanical system are compared with mesh equations of. Pdf an electrical circuit and computer system analogy.

What is the best analogy to explain current and voltage to a. The idea can be explained simply in terms of liftage. In force voltage analogy, the mathematical equations of translational mechanical. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to learn various methods and techniques in order to improve the performance of the control systems based on the requirements. Each circular arrows shows the direction one follows in analyzing the respective circuit a rise in voltage which occurs in going through a source of electromotive force from the. We can use the multimeter to measure the voltage of a battery for example. For free materials of different engineering subjects use my android. The procedure to go from mechanical 2 to electrical is simply the reverse of electrical to mechanical 1. Syed h slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The relationship is found in the arrangement of the letters. Electrical systems and mechanical systems are two physically different systems.

This intuitive analogy is worked out in detail on the right side of the table. Oct, 2017 in this video, i have explained example of force voltage analogy. Best answer 100% 2 ratings previous question next question transcribed image text from this question. Electric circuit model for the aerodynamic performance analysis of a threeblade darrieustype vertical axis wind turbine. Paternite pas dutilisation commerciale partage des conditions initiales.

There are two types of electrical analogies of translational mechanical systems. In a device without internal resistance, if an electric charge q passes through that device, and gains an energy w, the net emf for that device is the energy gained per unit charge, or w q. A helpful analogy for understanding divided feedback amplifier circuits is that of a mechanical lever, with relative motion of the levers ends representing change in input and output voltages, and the fulcrum pivot point representing the location of the ground point, real or virtual. Force voltage analogy watch more videos at videotutorialsindex. A voltage v is connected in series with these elements as shown in the circuit diagram. A voltage source delivers a constant voltage regardless of the current it produces. An analogy for divided feedback operational amplifiers. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. The net force of exterior forces applied to a body will create acceleration.

Electromagnetic interaction the relation between electricity and magnetism is another example of intimate interaction between energy domains. Another variation is required for acoustical systems. Notice where the leads are connected and where the dial is positioned on the multimeter. So, in if i talk of a voltage controlled system or a circuit my basic system variables. Understanding electrical engineering with analogies. The trick is sometimes known as flyback, and is an important way to produce high voltages. And voltage is kind of like forcewhat pushes the current through a resistor. In the impedance analogy, for instance, this results in force and velocity being analogous to voltage and current respectively. In which case knowing the voltage can be somewhat misleading. A little consideration will show that the force current analogy is easier to establish for complicated mechanical systems. Aug 11, 2008 over the course of several chapters, force is used to explain electric field, which in turn is used to explain electric potential i. A non rigorous but effect ive analogy between dielectric insulation and water hose wall. Refer to the previous example, electrical to mechanical 2, and read the table from bottom to top. In addition to knowing what a given group of words mean, youll also need to apply logic to determine how the words are related or not related to one another.

Basic relation basic relation is as follows here, the relation of 3 to 4. Like most analogies, there are some differences, but, yes, closing a valve can cause a buildup of voltage. Let us start with the simple example i can we are start with very very basic examples. Many quantities that we use to describe mechanical motion have an analog in electrical motion. A good example of using this theory is generation of gait rhythm of a. However, if you have a steady pressure difference you. For example, a 1,000 kva transformer with an 80% power factor provides 800 kw 600 kvar of power to the main bus. A device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy a transducer, such as a battery converting chemical energy or generator converting mechanical energy, provides an emf as its output. In reality, if you pull too much current water, the voltage pressure drops now, if you attach long wires long pipes with an open switch a closed valve, the voltage pressure is constant over the entire length. Those are force voltage analogy and force current analogy. The examples that illustrate this lecture are limited to translational movements, but. In force voltage analogy, the mathematical equations of translational mechanical system are compared with mesh equations of the electrical system. Electromechanical analogies in acoustics sciencedirect.

Bee501 control system unit 1 systems and their representation definition of control system a control system is a system of devices or set of devices, that manages commands, directs or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems to achieve desire results. Mathematical modelling of control system mechanical. Voltage differences or electric potential differences are always measured across two points. Revisiting our water analogy from earlier, we can think of a battery as being like one of those giant water tanks you see in some small towns. Forcecurrent analogy now that we have discussed mechanical system as well as electrical system. Now, it is clear that analogy is established, when the two pairs on both the sides of the sign bear the same relationship. The voltage drop across a conductor in an electrical system.

Variations of these analogies are used for rotating mechanical systems, such as in electric motors. Its spot on as far as im concerned and should even warrant a ga. This all takes some time, but perhaps in the end is the best way for many to grasp it. You have a pump voltage source which takes water from earth to some height voltage level. So, the difference starts with hydraulic closing a valve becoming electrical opening a switch. Electrical analogies of mechanical systems tutorialspoint. Figure 65 diagrams showing voltage rises and voltage drops in circuits. Using analogies to explain electrical relationships. Spring constant is analogous to inverse of the capacitor c. Electromechanical analogies in acoustics 271 analogy.

Force voltage analogy watch more videos at lecture by. Intro to electricity nyu tandon school of engineering. There is a very close analogy between mechanical and electrical motion. If it can fall down it does with some speed current. First, move the branch point of the path involving hi outside the loop involving h, as shown in figure 343a. Control systems objective questions and answers pdf free download,mcqs,lab viva,online quiz bits test electrical engineering interview questions skip to content engineering interview questions,mcqs,objective questions,class notes,seminor topics,lab viva pdf free download. Probably the first analogy that comes to mind between electrical and mechanical systems is that current is kind of like velocityboth are motion of some kind. A simple analogy would be to compare a garden hose to a fire hose. The direct analogy therefore associates an electrical impedance with a mechanical. Using the force voltage analogy, draw the equivalent circuit diagram.

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