Rover v8 cracked block

So, the cracked rover blocks have been a problem for a long time now. Includes the latest style 47mm crossover throttle bodies for even better flow, cnc ported heads, 96mm big bore top hat liner block, roller rockers, solid cam, camshaft and 11. Rover v8 the story of the engine brings you the story of this awesomely powerful, compact, and light engine and how it proved itself time and time again, and where it stands on the mountain today. In other words, if one were to torque the studs 100 ftlbs. Having a cracked block can give a variety of strange symptoms that can be hard to identify and diagnose. The block itself was reinforced in a few places, all of which added pounds to the weight. Block pressuretested up to 60psi without leaks when linerssleeves were in. A cracked block is not necessarily the end of the engine.

Block pressuretested up to 60psi without leaks when. This is not true, nor does it make sense, as the 4. Buy a prebuilt short block with cylinder head top hat liners from one of the handful land rover v8 specialists in the uk or us im in canada. Im looking for some info on the common cracked block issue and the remedies for it.

A crack in your block could mean exactly what he has stated but with the rover v8, this crack is internal to your engine relative to a coolant passage. The rover v8 has long been virtually the standard engine for hot rod use in britain, much as the chevrolet smallblock v8 is for american builders. I did quite a lot of research and spoke to some of the engineers on the landrover team in the 90s. Learn how to identify and repair your cracked engine block quickly and permanently.

Your symptoms could very easily point to a head gasket. Even in the us there is a strong contingent of builders who select the buick or rover aluminium v8 engine for use in small. We recently discovered that my 2003 land rover discovery has a crack in the. Buy and sell almost anything on gumtree classifieds. Another fallacy trotted out with amazing regularity is that lpg causes rover v8 engines to blow their head gaskets or crack the block. If so you may have been advised that the block is porous or cracked, the head gasket blown or many other reasons. Which is the more influential engine design, the buick. With the rover v8, it is never, how many miles they have done but how they did them. Cracking blocks whats it all about, why does it happen and what is the 100% guaranteed cure. It has been used in a wide range of vehicles from rover and other manufacturers since its british debut in 1967. The v8 has minor failings all of which can be rectified and in some cases improved upon to provide additional performance. Its not the cheapest item on the market see our other products but is.

Ultimately, since the circulation system that cools the engine is comparatively fragile, a cracked engine block will lead to coolant leaking out of the area it is needed and leaving the engine to overheat. Help with cracked block diagnosis land rover and range. We have put together some basic information for guidance concerning the weakest areas of the rover v8 engine and by clicking the case study section of this site you will see basis details of how to rebuild your engine. The pressure test also helps find cracks in the aluminum casting, which we then repair. A cracked engine block can cause a range of problems. The rover cylinder head design is ultimately the limiting factor when it comes to power on the v8 engine. My friends think i am insane contemplating owning not one but two land rover products. Rover v8 engine blocks cracking chris cowdery global presence. Cracked blocks international forum the land rover forum. If this really is a cracked block then at least i will be able to properly evaluate my options. An aluminium block is less likely to crack, because the material is more durable but it can be repaired by the process shown here. Replacing the standard liners with top flange liners can repair a cracked block. There is no connection between the head bolt holes and the coolant galleries in the block, either. V8 engine block for sale in uk 20 used v8 engine blocks.

Go on land rover forums, look up ls engine swap and theres a guy with one still in progress. We have the experience, specialist tools and expertise to diagnose the cause of these problems. What is true is that the infamous my0304 engines just so happened to be 4. Some people in the land rover community claim that the 4. Fred, since your now silently elected as rover v8 liner guru. Which is the more influential v8, the buickrover v8, or. The 1955 265 cubic inch smallblock put out 162 horses, and thats where the fun started.

Finding someone who knows how to fix a cracked engine block is nearly as hard as the repair itself. They are arguing that they cant be held liable for the full damage because it may be that i just have a weak block. Well, my attempts to get a new engine for my racecar up and running are not going well. Heres a closeup of the 14 inch crack that cooked this block. Good or bad, it must remain a rover v8, and it must play nice with electronics. The block cracked from the liner wall into the coolant jacket from the stress of the head bolt. They have sold around 600 sets of these and say this is the first cracked block they have heard of, though they did seem to acknowledge reports of thread pullout. The only way i know to definativly diagnose a cracked block is with dye. There are no coolant passages from block to head in the middle cylinders of a roverbuick v8.

It is widely known that the rover v8 cylinder block does have some issues with liner failure. Developed in conjunction with our own shops, motorcars ltd proudly introduces yet another unique. The land rover v8 engine block is made from aluminum. Deviating too strongly would end up defeating the purpose. Blown head gaskets on land rover v8 engines je robison. Im looking for some info on the common cracked block issue and the. The easiest way is just do a full drive train swap and forget all the electronics and ac. This is a typical low mileage engine, it is not uncommen to see such contamination on a tenyearold or older engine that has covered typically less than 50k miles and has had only factory specified interval oil changes, but please dont let this put you off. But shift forwards a few decades and compare the weight of the rover block to the chevy ls1 block, or the block of a toyota 1uz and it becomes obvious that there simply isnt enough metal in the block to support moderate to high power levels. Ive been looking at p38s but i think buying one for a grand with a busted engine and fixing it makes more sense than paying top dollar for one just for the engine to.

By the looks of your first pick you have a head gasket issue on the lifter side back. With the v8 the slipped liner problem is due to the alloy block holding the steel. How to repair a land rover engine with a dropped liner. I have a 2000 discovery 2 with a cracked blockslipped sleeve. Range rover v8 is guaranteed to be painful for all concerned and, worryingly, the problem can occur regardless of how the. Turner engineering provides you with all spares and essential components to rebuild your discovery 3. Here are the land rover v8 specialists i found with. Turner diagnostics range rover v8 overheating repair. It is ideal for use on any pressurizing problem which relates to internal cracks and excels on rover v8 and bmw 6 engine.

Land rover discovery engine rebuild and replacement. Although the actual cause of the issue is a bit of a mystery, experience has taught us that when the problem occurs the only reliable solution is to reliner the block with top hat flanged liners. Rover v8 cracking block and all the theories around. The first step in figuring out how to fix a cracked engine block is identifying where the craci is. I have a post 94 rover engine block as the foundation to a built 4. Aside from a transmission overhaul, theres probably no more difficult job when it comes to repairing vehicles. Replacing the standard liners with top flange liners can repair a. If you suspect a blown head gasket on that land rover 4. Well, fixing a cracked engine block is no easy feat.

History of the aluminium alloy v8 the story of the buick v8 engine which found its way across the atlantic to power a generation of rover and leyland vehicles. The v8 on both models was now mated to an allnew fivespeed lt85 manual gearbox. Is your range rover or rover v8 engine overheating or pressurising the cooling system. We have included a reference chart of rover v8 engine numbers from 1970 onwards, which will help you to identify the engine fitted to your vehicle.

Repairing your cracked engine block bluedevil products. If the block is not cracked and this is just a symptom of the head gasket failure, then obviously i will just do the head gaskets and drive it. Marc waitek of singing camel land rovers shows you how to diagnose a slipped sleeve on your land rover engine. At the same time, the 114 hp 85 kw v8 was also made available in the 90 the first time a production shortwheelbase land rover had been given v8 power. It may even make the most sense to identically replicate the design with no alterations beyond those required to produce it in this manner. Bluedevil radiator and block sealer can seal your cracked block from the. P38 crack in the cylinder head vs crack in the block. Cylinder blocks j e developments home of the rover v8. Like many problems with your cooling system, a cracked block often can mask itself during normal operation of your vehicle and only reveal itself during certain conditions making it. V8 engine on the bench with the gearbox, clutch, inlet manifold, exhaust manifolds, coolant pump. The year 1986 saw improvements in engines to match the more advanced offerings by japanese competitors.

Before jumping into a decision i am going to tear down the engine to the block and do a pressure test. The smallblock was introduced in 1955 as an option above the dated 235 cubic inch six. The engine number of most rover v8s is stamped on the left hand side of the block deck, adjacent to the dipstick tube, although some very early engines had the number stamped on the bellhousing. I think a labour charge of 5600 pounds sterling would be enough to do an engine swap. No matter what i write, the damn engines continue to fail. This was due to the engineering tolerances of the original tooling getting worn over the years and poor quality castings. New factory oem connecting rods new factory oem rod bolts new appropriate sized bearings installed. So i think i have a failed head gasket on my range rover. If you have an internal crack, youll likely have symptoms similar to a blown head gasket. Repairing a 19792002 v8 engine with a dropped liner. At an independant lr garageso you have the cost of the engine itself,plus any other bits and pieces like serpentine belt,perhaps a water pump and a set of plugs and leads. The rover v8 engine is a compact v8 internal combustion engine with aluminium cylinder heads and cylinder block, originally designed by general motors and later redesigned and produced by rover in the united kingdom.

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